iPhone 5 only for iSheep’s

By on November 20, 2012

The only people I see rushing out to buy this are going to be fanboys, there’s NOT a lot of ‘improved tech’ here. I like both iOS and Android for different reasons and for different things, but one thing that is great about iOS is that it makes things easy for the general user. I like the messaging notification center in iOS 5, the screen cloning (for use with iPad -> TV), for example.

Siri looks interesting, but not enough to sell anyone on one phone. An 8MP camera is decent (esp. with flash), but it’s not all that World phone? That helps Apple more than anyone else. The average person won’t care about this one. The processor looks good, but again, it’s designed for gaming, and that’s not something that will reach out and grab someone, especially at a $199-$399 price. Memory – NOW they’re talking. FINALLY, the iPhone catches up with the iPod!!! We’ve been waiting for this one for years. Basically, this isn’t going to be a ‘huge’ seller to anyone but the fanboys.

Most of all, iPhone 5 lacks flexibility. Although iPhone 5 is powered by Bluetooth 4.0, you can’t do basic thing like transfer file from one device to another. You still have to be dependent upon iTunes for file transfer. The User Interface looks dull and boring as it always looked. The still aren’t home screens to swype through. The notification bar doesn’t give you quick access to settings. You have to go through a hefty process just to change your ring tone.

Although Apple has finally increased the size of iPhone to 4 inch, that may not be enough for hard core smartphone users . At least, a 4.3 inch screen would have done the job. Though the screen size has been increased all the apps from the Apple Store are not optimized for iPhone 5. So, we see back empty spaces in many of the applications. Apple decided to remove Google Maps and that was one of their main mistake. Google Maps is the best navigation software so far. Like the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 has most of it’s part made of glass. If you drop it once, don’t be surprised if a part of the phone is cracked. Some people say why not keep protection cover but if you keep it, what’s the point of having such glossy back?

The iPhone 5 also lacks support of micro-sd card. That means you can’t expand your device as per your wish. The 32GB and 64GB iPhone are terribly expensive. While a 32 GB micro-sd card only costs about 20$, if you want to have a 32GB iPhone instead of 16GB, you will have to pay 100$ more just for 16GB extra storage. Further, iPhone 5 lacks removable battery option which means no third party powerful battery like mugen batteries. If you travel a tot, you won’t be able to carry spare battery due to closed battery cover. In addition to that, the battery life of iPhone 5 isn’t that good either. You use a lot of application, then be sure that it won’t even last for a day or so. iPhone 5 is no huge leap over iPhone 4s with most of the things kept same. Most of all, Apple’s decision to remove Google Maps was a blunder. Apple Maps is nowhere near Google Maps is full of error. You won’t get street view feature either. Don’t be fooled and never go after apple. Be smart and chose smartphone that best suits you!

Honestly, if you don’t go for brand name, iPhone just isn’t the device for you. Keep all the things I said in mind and you will never regret.

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