RIP MSN Messenger – Welcome Skype!!!

By on November 29, 2012

Rather an annoying piece of news – Microsoft announces it intends to retire MSN messenger/Windows Live Messenger in favour of Skype. Microsoft has announced that in the first quarter of 2013 MSN (or Windows Live Messenger) will be killed off worldwide with the exception of mainland China. Instead the service is going to be replaced by a brand new rockin’ version of Skype.

If they reorganized Skype and made it like Messenger as well as its usual stuff, I believe people would not mind the transition. Skype is pretty much the standard in the industry for video chat anyways, they just need to make transitioning for the older users a snap and not miss the original. I think Skype is fine cause not only can u message, u can also voice chat and video chat. Who knows, maybe after this they’ll improve messaging.

At the very least they need to ensure that all the things which make messenger popular such as games, applying skins, and other “fun” elements are in skype.  I think they will lose many youngsters who don’t want to be on something that their parents use.

The way to migrate people from one service to another is to improve the other service (skype) to the point where people CHOOSE to use it rather than just dump it on people.  MS are becoming more like Apple day after day.

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