Ten Unforgettable Game Songs

By on December 19, 2010

Today while i was browsing i happened to cross one of my favorite game which brought me back my old memories.Well, here are my top 10 most memorable game music that once I hear the tune I will definitely know what game it is.

Well I feel the title pretty much covers what this thread is about. What is the best game theme song you’ve heard. The first time you heard it or seen it along with a gameplay trailer it just blew you away? So there you go folks. Now go and post a bunch of awesome game musics.

For now, though, enjoy our picks…

10. World of Warcraft – Before BC Login Title Theme
Composed by Jason Hayes

9. Mortal Kombat – The Album
Composed by T
he Immortals (Maurice Engelen and Oliver Adams)


8. Max Payne
Composed by 3D Realms


7. Age of Mythology
Composed by Steffen rippy

6. Halo theme
Composed by Microsoft

5. Counter Strike
Composed by

4. The_Elder_Scrolls_III_Morrowind_theme
Composed by oblivion

3. The legends of Zelda
Composed by Koji Konda.Kim


2. Mario
Composed by Koji Kondo.Kim


1. Age of empires
Composed by Ensemble Studios


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