Top Google Flops

By on November 12, 2012

Google has its own shares of flops, Not everything google touches turns to gold. Here is a list of Google’s flops.


Google tried to dominate the china, but eventually it was China who won the battle. Many would know about the Google and China war. It was also speculated the China did set up a team to hack google’s server to know some of US Govt Secrets, but nothing prevailed the giant to bow down to Google. Can anyone conquer the great wall of China?


Google Video

Google started its own video service to compete with YouTube, but eventually they acquired YouTube and their attempt to re brand into Google Video went on to the deck where no ships arrived. The good news is that they are only ending the uploading. The videos already uploaded will remain there for now. (Read Google’s announcement).



Google Catalog Search

Now this piece of service is called Internets new archive where you can find information about old products and their price. If you search for a laptop or an USB you can end up seeing some funny results which may eventually make you scream and bring out a huge laugh. Have a try over the service for USB flash-based drives and you would be thrown with results which would link you to 2001 MicroWarehouse catalog where a 256MB Trek ThumbDrive Pro will cost you around $595.


Google Web Accelarotor

I am in the age where i would require Google’s Web Accelarotor to speed up my page load. They assure you that your page would load less-than-stunning 20 percent. Its quite funny that they still offer this service, may be Google’s engineers still live in old age.


Google Answers

Now they wanted to shut down the Yahoo Answers completely so they tried something called Google Answers. For five years Google Answers allowed anyone to post a question along with a bid price they were willing to pay for a researched answer. A prescreened group of Google Answer researchers would accept the fee (or not) and if they did accept the offer, answer the question.

The Quality of questions was still alive, but the price associated for the question was something for which people would not end up wasting their wee and finally google answers ended up with a sweet good bye.



Google Wave

Google Wave was supposed to change how we communicate and collaborate online. Instead, Wave was too confusing and complicated for most people to figure out. We’re still not entirely sure what it was supposed to do. Google Wave is now officially dead.






Chromebooks are lightweight laptops that run Google’s Chrome OS. At first, Chrome OS was just a browser window. That’s it. Chromebooks are pretty much useless unless you can connect to the web.Now Chrome OS is getting a big refresh that makes it look more like a Windows 7 desktop, complete with a taskbar and app icons. That could help Google compete against the hot Windows 7 Ultrabooks and Apple’s MacBook Air.

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